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Mr. Tuton Chandra Mallick
Assistant Professor & Chairman
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

M.Sc. in System on Chip Design (KTH, Sweden), B.Sc. in EEE (KUET)
Email: tuton.soc@gmail.com; tuton.eee@puc.ac.bd; tuton@kth.se

Academic Background

1.      Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT), USA

o   Circuits and Electronics (2012) (Online Course)

2.      The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

o   Masters in System on Chip Design (2008-2010)

3.      Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh

o   Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (2002-2006)

4.      Chittagong College under Chittagong Education Board

o   Higher Secondary Certification (HSC) (2001) (Science)

5.      Collegiate School under Chittagong Education Board

o   Secondary School Certification (SSC) (1999) (Science)


1.      Sanjib Kumar Deb, Jahed Hasan Rokky, Tuton Chandra Mallick, Ms. Juliana Shetara, “Design and Construction of Underwater Robot”, International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICAEE, 2017), September, 2017.

2.      Muhammad Fore Kan Uddin, Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Design of an Intelligent Controller for Instant Power Supply (IPS) Load Distribution”, 4th National Conference on Natural Science & Technology (NCNST’17), March, 2017.

3.      Abul Kalam Azad1, Naveed Newaz1 and Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Internet of Things (IoT) based Parcel Monitoring System”, 4th National Conference on Natural Science & Technology (NCNST’17), March, 2017.

4.      Dhruba Datta, MD.Ifthekar Alam and Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Internet of Things (IoT) Based Waste Management System”, 4th National Conference on Natural Science & Technology (NCNST’17), March, 2017.

5.      Suranjana Das, Nazia Hoque, Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Speed-Torque control of Induction Motor (IM) using Artificial Neural Network”, 4th National Conference on Natural Science & Technology (NCNST’17), March, 2017.

6.      Sanzida Akter Tunaz, S.M. Rakibul Hassan, Tuton Chandra Mallick, “IoT Based Home Appliance Control and Sharing for Residential Area”, 4th National Conference on Natural Science & Technology (NCNST’17), March, 2017.

7.      Tuton Chandra Mallick, Ariful Islam Bhuyan, Mohammed Saifuddin   Munna, “Design & Implementation of an UAV (Drone) with Flight Data   Control”, International Conference on Innovation in Science,     Engineering and Technology (ICISET, 2016), October, 2016

8.      Bijoy Kumar Tarafder, Md. Golam Rabbani, Mohammed Saifuddin Munna, Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Design and implementation of a drawbot using Matlab and Arduino Mega”, International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT, 2016,), May 2016

9.      Tuton Chandra Mallick, Pranab Biswas, Mohammed Saifuddin Munna “ Minimizing the amount of shaded load using multiple grid system during loadshedding in Bangladesh” International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV,2016), May, 2016.

10.   Tuton Chandra Mallick, Sharith Dhar, Jubaer Khan, “Artificial neural network based soft-starter for induction motor” in Electrical Information and Communication Technology (EICT2015), December, 2015

11.   Mohammed Saifuddin Munna, Sabrina Tarannum , Tuton Chandra Mallick, Ariful Islam Bhuyan “Dual Mode (Android OS) Autonomous Robotic Car” in National Conference on Electrical & Communication Engineering and Renewable Energy (ECERE 2014), November, 2014

12.   Tuton Chandra Mallick, Mohammed Saifuddin Munna, Biki Barua, Kazi Mustafizur Rahman, “Design and implementation of a single axis solar tracker with Diffused Reflector” in IFOST (International Forum on Strategic Technology), October, 2014.

13.   Ariful Islam Bhuyan, Tuton Chandra Mallick, “Gyro-Accelerometer based control of a robotic Arm using AVR Microcontroller” in IFOST (International Forum on Strategic Technology), October, 2014.

14.   Tuton Chandra Mallick, Pranab Biswas, Muhammad Najmus Sakib Siraj, Kowshik Chowdhury, “Minimize the Amount of  Load Shedding in Bangladesh using Multiple Grid System” in  National Conference on Science and Technology (NCNST-2014).\

15.  Tuton Chandra Mallick, Tao Liu, Nan Wu and Arul Jesu Praveen John, "Wireless Information Tag" in www.rfidnordic.se  and  www.race-networkrfid.eu December, 2010.


1.  "Skilled Career and Leadership in Corporate World", D' Engineers Club, Chittagong Zila Parishad, 24th March, 2017.

2.  "Fabrication Laboratory: Prospects of University Students", Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), 17th May, 2016.

3.  "General Electrical Engineering Knowledge for Industrial Technician", Kelani Cables PLC, Sri Lanka, Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), 12th March, 2014.

Professional Projects:

1.    During Masters Study:

a.      Implementation of the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Protocol by Miller-2 Coding for the WISP Platform (master thesis).

b.      Designing a Microcontroller to change RGB of jpeg picture.

c.       Designing a RTOS for embedded system using Semaphore.

d.      Designing of a fully differential 2nd order delta-sigma ADC in 90nm CMOS technology.

 2.      During Bachelor Study:

a.       Tuning of Stator Resistance of Induction Motor Using Artificial Neural Network (Bachelor Thesis).

b.      Design and Implementation of Digital Shaft Encoder which has 6bit and it can count 000 to 999.

c.   Design and Implementation of a Triggering Circuit of AC voltage controller

Research Interests

1. Chip Design (Analog & Mixed Signal)
2. RFID based system design.
3. Industrial Machine Control with Artificial Intelligent Algorithm
4. Smart Grid.
5. Design of Embedded Systems.
6. IOT (Internet of Things)

Development Environment:
Hardware: PIC, MSP, Arduino, Microprocessor FPGA etc.
Software and Simulator: MATLAB, C, C++, Orcad, Pspice, Proteus, Labview etc.

Prizes & Awards

1. Performed as a Judge for Science Project Fair, 2017 by Prothom Alo Chattagram Bondhushova & Bigganchinta.

2. Performed as a Judge for 4Th Divisional Science and Technology fair, 2017.

3. My supervised team got Runner-up in National Robotics Festival 2014. 

4. My project “wireless information Tag” Nominated for RFID Nordic Scholarship award in 2010.

5. Higher Secondary Scholarship in 2001 for excellence result in Higher Secondary Certificate Exam.


Conducted Courses: 
1. VLSI Design
2. VLSI Design Laboratory
3. Digital Signal Processing 
4. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
5. Electric Circuit I
6. Electric Circuit I Laboratory
7. Electric Circuit Simulation 
8. Microwave & Antenna Engineering
9. Industrial Power Electronics.
10. Electronics.
11. Signal & System.
12. Wireless Communication.

List of Projects as Thesis Supervisor:
1. Design and Performance Analysis of an Intelligent Soft Starter Based on Artificial Neural Network.
2.  RFID based vehicle control system for reducing traffic jam.
3. Analysis of load shedding problem by using smart grid concept and intelligent load shedding concept.
4. Micro controller based Oscilloscope Design.
5. Microcontroller based traffic system design and developed a communication link between the traffic signal posts to reduce the traffic jam.
6. Using sensor based technology to control the home apparatus for efficient use of power.
7. Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone).
8. Design of an Intelligent Controller for IPS (Instant power supply) load distribution.
9. Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Types of Intelligent Speed-Torque controller for Induction Motor (IM).
10. Smart Load Control for Dynamic Stability of a Multiple Grid System in MATLAB & SIMULINK.
11. Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Internet of Things (IoT) & Android Interface.
12. An IoT Platform: Access Control and Sharing of Home Appliance.