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Course Curriculum for LLB (Hons) in LAW
Course title Course code Credit
Jurisprudence I LAW-101 3
Legal System of Bangladesh LAW-102 3
Muslim Family Law I LAW-103 3
Roman Law LAW-104 3
General English LAW-105 3
Jurisprudence II LAW-201 3
Government and Politics LAW-204 3
Muslim Family Law II LAW-203 3
Development of Law and Legal Institutions in Indian Sub-Continent (1757-1947) LAW-204 3
Hindu Law LAW-205 3
Constitutional Law of Bangladesh LAW-301 3
Law of Contract LAW-302 3
Law of Torts LAW-303 3
Law of Taxation LAW-304 3
Land Laws of Bangladesh LAW-305 3
Constitutional Law of the UK and the USA LAW-401 3
Law of Crimes (Procedural) I LAW-402 3
Law of Equity and Trust LAW-403 3
Law of Evidence LAW-404 3
Company Law LAW-405 3
Law of Crimes (Substantive) LAW-501 3
Law of Crimes (Procedural) II LAW-502 3
Mercantile Law and other Business Law I LAW-503 3
Labour and Industrial Law LAW-504 3
Law of Transfer of Property LAW-505 3
Environmental Law LAW-601 3
Law of Limitation and The Specific Relief Act. LAW-602 3
Mercantile Law and other Business Law II LAW-603 3
Criminology LAW-604 3
Registration Act and Public Demands Recovery Act LAW-605 3
Code of Civil Procedure I LAW-701 3
Administrative Law I LAW-702 3
Public International Law I LAW-703 3
Comparative Law LAW-704 3
Consumer Law LAW-705 3
Code of Civil Procedure II Law 801 3
Administrative Law II Law 802 3
Public International Law II Law 803 3
Law of Conveyancing, Pleadings, Interpretation of Legal Instruments and Professional Ethics Law 804 3
Clinical Legal Education Program (CLEP) Law 805 3