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Course Curriculum for Architecture.
Course title Course code Credit
Design Studio I ARC-112  
Architectural Graphics-I ARC-114  
Architectural Heritage-I ARC-111  
Aesthetics and Design –I ARC-113  
Mathematics MTH-111  
English Composition and Report Writing ENG-111  
Sociology SS-111  
Art Appreciation ARC-119  
Design Studio II ARC-122  
Architectural Graphics II ARC-124  
Computer Graphics-I ARC-126  
Architectural Heritage II ARC-121  
Aesthetics and Design -II ARC-123  
Climate and Design –I ARC-125  
Physics PHY-121  
Music Appreciation ARC-129  
Design Studio-III ARC-229  
Photography ARC-129  
Computer Graphics-III ARC-129  
Architectural Heritage-III ARC-129  
Principles of Accounting ARC-129  
Applied Statistics & Queuing Theory ARC-129  
Luminous and Sonic Environment ARC-129  
Climate and Design-II ARC-129  
Structure I ARC-129  
Building Technology ARC-219  
Design Studio-IV ARC-222  
Graphic Art ARC-224  
Architecture Heritage-IV ARC-223  
Construction Method and Detail ARC-221  
Basic Planning ARC-225  
Structure-II CIV-221  
Plumbing CIV-223  
Architecture & Film ARC-229  
Design Studio-V ARC-312  
Sculpture ARC-314  
Working Drawing-I ARC-316  
Architecture Heritage-V ARC-311  
Theory & Practice of Planning ARC-313  
Structure III CIV-311  
Mechanical Equipments MEC-311  
Logic ARC-319  
Design Studio-VI ARC-322  
Working Drawing-II ARC-326  
Architecture Heritage-VI ARC-326  
Building & Finishing Meterials ARC-326  
Structure IV ARC-326  
Electrical Equipments ARC-326  
Antropology ARC-329  
Design Studio-VII ARC-412  
Interior Design Studio ARC-414  
Housing ARC-411  
Landscape Architecture ARC-413  
Urban Design ARC-415  
Structure V CIV-411  
Organizational Behavior MGT-411  
Philosophy ARC-419  
Design Studio-VIII, (Internship) ARC-422  
Landscape Design Studio ARC-424  
Architectural Conservation ARC-421  
Survey Technique & Analytical Method ARC-423  
Structure VI CVI-421  
Health Facilities Planning & Design ARC-425  
Disaster Management ARC-427  
Design Studio-IX ARC-512  
Seminar ARC-514  
Professional Practice ARC-511  
Specification and Cost Estimation ARC-513  
Construction Management and Accounting ARC-515  
Environmental Design ARC-517  
Research Methodology ARC-519  
Design Studio-X (Thesis/Project) ARC-522  
Project Report (Dissertation/Construction Document) ARC-524  
Rural Planning ARC-521  
Project Economics ARC-523