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Course Catalog for BA (Hons) in English.
Course title Course code Credit
Foundation Course-I DELL-101 3
Foundation Course-II DELL-102 3
Critical Appreciation of Poetry DELL-103 3
Introduction to Prose : Fiction and Non-Fiction DELL-104 3
Basic French DELL-105 3
Introduction to Poetry DELL-201 3
Ancient Greek and Roman Classics in Eng. Trans. DELL-202 3
Introduction to Drama DELL-203 3
Composition, Comprehension and Verbal Skills DELL-204 3
Bangla Literature (Poetry, Drama and Novel) DELL-205 3
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century English Literature-I DELL-301 3
Advanced Writing Strategies DELL-302 3
The Romantic Poets : First Generation DELL-303 3
History of Western Ideas : Ancient Time to the Reformation DELL-304 3
English History: From the Norman Conquest to the Commonwealth DELL-305 3
American Literature : Colonial Period DELL-401 3
The Romantic Poets : Second Generation DELL-402 3
Shakespeare : Tragedies & Histories DELL-410 3
History of Western Ideas : From Reformation to the 19th Century DELL-404 3
English History: From Glorious Revolution to the Second World War DELL-405 3
Victorian Poetry DELL-501 3
Victorian Fiction DELL-502 3
New Literatures in English DELL-503 3
Shakespeare : Comedies & Sonnets DELL-504 3
History of Western Ideas : Development of Modern Thoughts DELL-505 3
The Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature : Poetry and Drama DELL-601 3
The Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature : Prose DELL-602 3
Post Colonial Literature DELL-603 3
Short Fiction DELL-604 3
American Literature : 19th Century DELL-605 3
Phonology and Phonetics DELL-701 3
Introduction to English Literary Theory DELL-702 3
A History of the Theatre DELL-703 3
Late Sixteenth & Early Seventeenth Century Literature-II DELL-704 3
Old and Middle English Literature (In Modern English) DELL-705 3
Modern Literary Theory DELL-801 3
Early 20th Century English Literature DELL-802 3
American Literature up to World War II DELL-803 3
South Asian Literature DELL-804 3
Fundamentals of Linguistics DELL-805 3