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Chittagong is one of the oldest port-cities of the world.There is a tradition that says,Bijoy Singha went to Ceylon from Chittagong a millennium before the birth of Christ.The name 'Ceylon' is derived from the word 'Singhala' bearing Bijoy Singh's name. Chittagong port had been visited by Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta..In the 17th Century, it was the most famous port of the Indian sub-continentent. Protugesse traders and adventurers used to call it 'Porto Grande' or the great port,while Hoogli port was termed 'porto Picono' or small port.Today, Chittagong is the largest port of Bangladesh.In fact ,it is the heart of the economy of Bangladesh.

The scenic beauty of Chittagong is overwhelming and unique.Wordsworth said:

Two Voices are there /One is of the sea 
  One of the mountain / Each a mighty one.

Chittagong has both. The impact of these two natural phenomena on the people of Chittagong has made them generous and hospitable.Chittagong has the abode of various cultures.Here we find the mingling of the Hindus, Buddhists,Muslims,Christians and even Animists. Muslim sufi-saints came to Chittagong and preached their message of love long before the Muslims established their rule over the sub-continent.The Buddhists had a famous University in Chittagong which acquired fame as 'Pundit Bihar'. Sitakunda is one of the ancient holiest places of the Hindus. Till today Chittagong bears the heritage of Portuguese culture in its many churches and buildings.

Chittagong was and will always be a place where people came and will come to seek material wealth and spiritual solace. The region is also renowned for its unique educational ,artistic and folk traditions. Its poets,writers and scholars have immensely contributed to Bangla Literature. Also , in our war of liberation and anti-colonial movement Chittagong occupies a speacial place.
Premier University, though established in the beginning of the 21st century,upholds these rich traditions of Chittagong.In a few years, it has become one of the leading universities of Bangladesh occupying the same ranking in higher education with the University of Chittagong,East West University,North South University,Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology*. Premier University,Chittagong, grants free studentships/Scholarships to 7% of total students every year.The fees of Premier University,Chittagong, are the lowest amongst the private universities of Bangladesh.