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Profile of Prof. Dr. Anupam Sen

Prof. Dr. Anupam Sen

Dr. Anupam Sen was born in the year 1940 at Chittagong,Bangladesh.His father,late Binendralal Sen,was an advocate of Chittagong Bar.His mother,though a housewife,was an enlightened lady.

Dr. Sen did his B.A(Hons) & M.A in Sociology from the University of Dhaka.He also obtained M.A & Ph.D from Mcmaster University,Canada.

His Ph.D Dissertation on political economy and economic development entitled "The State ,Industrialization and Class Formations in India" was published by Routledge and Kegan-Paul,London in 1982.The book has received wide appreciation from academics and scholars worldwide.It has been reviewed in many international journals including "World Development'and The Journal of Development Studies". It has also been included as a reference book on many courses in Development Studies, Political science and other Social Sciences in universities of Europe and North America.

  • Born: 1940 at Chittagong,Bangladesh.
  • B.A. (Hons) in Sociology from University of Dhaka.
  • M.A in Sociology fromUniversity of Dhaka.
  • M.A from Mcmaster University, Canada.
  • Ph.D from Mcmaster University, Canada.

He has written extensively on many socio-economic topics and issues. some of his important publications are followings :

Important Articles :

  • The Social Background of the Bangladesh Movement ,Quest(Bombay),September-October,1971.
  • The Bureaucracy and Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh,Bangladesh Journal of Sociology,August 1983.
  • Social Change in South Asia ,Presidential Address,Third National Conference and International Seminar on Social Change in South Asia,Dhaka: Bangladesh Sociology Association,March 18-20,1987.
  • Modes of Production and Social Formation in India, 2nd article of the book entitled ,"Class,State and Development in India" Edited by Berch Berberoglu(Professor,University of Nevada, U.S.A) New Delhi /London - Sage Publications,1992.

Prof.Anupam Sen led many professional organizations as :

  • General Secretary,Chittagong University Teachers' Association, January 1971 to March 1972.
  • President ,Chittagong University Teachers' Association , January 1985 to December 1986.
  • President ,Federation of Bangladesh University Teachers' Association,February 1985 to March 1986.
  • President ,Bangladesh Sociology Association,1987-1992.

Had been member of following Committees and Organizations:

  • Senior Fellow(Honorary),Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies(BIDS), Dhaka.
  • Director,Board of Directors,Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajshahi University,Rajshahi
  • Director,Board of Directors,Bangladesh Bank, Dhaka(Central Bank of Bangladesh)
  • Member,Academic Council, Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet.
  • Member, Academic Council, East West University ,Dhaka.
  • Life Member ,Bangiya Sahitya Parishad,Calcutta
  • Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Chittagong,Chittagong.

E-Books: (click to view "The State Industrialization and Class Formations in India")

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